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Why Technology is Essential in the Quest for OmniChannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is not a new or novel practice. But over the past few years, it’s become a bigger quest for marketers to manage. Modern marketers have increasingly recognized the …

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Why Focusing on Customers Creates Positive Experiences

Your organization’s marketing activities should no longer solely focus on your products or services. Instead, they should focus on your customers–and creating a positive, collective experience whenever and wherever they …

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What in the World is Distributed Marketing?

Distributed marketing is a term that has been floating around the marketing space for quite some time now, but is still a concept new to many marketers. What is distributed …

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Transform non-working marketing spend into working media and content [Mind the Gap Series]

Marketing expenses fall into two categories – working and non-working marketing spend. As marketers develop campaign budgets, they take into account the anticipated working spend required — i.e. the money …

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