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Banking industry marketers face the same challenges as their peers in other industries… and they must deal with the added burden of compliance. Aprimo enables marketers in the banking industry to deliver consistent, engaging and compliant content. Aprimo is compliant from its core — built on Microsoft Azure and with robust features that support a variety of regulatory and corporate compliance standards around the globe including: SOC, SOX, SEC/FINRA, ASIC (AUS), PRA, and FCA (UK).

— Key Benefits

Balance marketing agility with compliance at the speed of digital

Think you can’t have compliant AND agile marketing? Think again! With Aprimo, you can use a repeatable, auditable process to expedite the development of the content you need to get into channels quickly.


Collaborate with agencies and suppliers with a compliant marketing solution

By centralizing content development, you bring all your projects and resources into Aprimo's compliant environment. You also can give agencies and suppliers access, enabling them to more quickly respond to your request and assignments with proposals, work for review, or finished work product. Aprimo’s built-in audit trails help you track work every step of the way.

Mitigate financial and reputational risk

With all activity in a single place, banking marketers gain a holistic view to run marketing with accountability. With role-based access, users get the information they need and the right amount of functionality to achieve their goals.


Purpose-built for must-have compliance

Aprimo helps banking marketers get their approved, compliant, on-brand content into channels at the speed of digital… with the peace of mind of compliance.

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